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Category Fees Links
Fence (Article 7.05 – p.89) $25.00 Fence Permit
Shed (outbuilding less than 200 SF), Carport, Pavilion, or Gazebo $0.25 sq. ft. Outbuilding Permit
Detached Garage (outbuilding larger than 200 SF) $0.36 sq. ft.
Deck Permit $0.15 sq. ft. Porch and Deck Permit
Open Porch (Open or Screened) $0.25 sq. ft.
Wheelchair Ramp $25.00
Swimming Pools (Above-Ground/Hot Tubs) $25.00 Pool Permit
Swimming Pools (In-Ground) $50.00
Residential Construction (New House/Addition/Attached Garage/Enclosed Porch) Frame: $0.48 sq. ft.
Frame & Brick: $0.51 sq. ft.
Brick: $0.54 sq. ft.
Addition Permit
Zoning Compliance (Needed for all new businesses) $25.00 Zoning Compliance Permit
Home Occupation $25.00 Home Occupation Permit
Business $0.54 sq. ft. New Construction Permit
Commercial $0.60 sq. ft.
Industrial/Warehouse $0.42 sq. ft.
Lot Clearing $25.00 Lot Clearing Permit
Small Livestock $25.00 Small Livestock Permit
(Article 12 – p.133)
(Permanent Signs – Nonresidential 12.11 – p.143)
(Temporary Signs 12.12 – p.149)
Minimum Fee: $25.00
Per sign face: $1.00 sq. ft.
Digital message boards: $2.00 sq. ft.
Sign Permit
Parking Lot New/Renovation $100.00 Parking lot
Residential Site Plan Site Plan Template
Penalty fee for any structure or business caught without a permit $25.00
Zone Change Request $400.00 Zone Change
Architecture Review Board (Site Plan Review) $100.00 Architecture Review
Board of Zoning Appeals $200.00 (Residential)
$400.00 (Commercial)
BZA – Area Variance

BZA – Conditional Use

BZA – Use Variance

BZA – Administrative Appeal

Nuisance Administrative Charge $100.00
Transient Vendor Application (Food Trucks) $150.00 (3 months) Transient Vendor Permit
Zoning Verification Letter $75.00
Rental Registration Fees Unit: $40.00
Building in excess of 6 units: $150 + $15 per unit
Rental Registration Form
Zoning Map $10.00 Zoning Map
Zoning Ordinance Book $25.00 Zoning Resolution
Record Request Form Public Record Request
Cost for Copies 8.5×11 B&W: $0.05
8.5×11 Color: $0.25
11×17 B&W: $0.25
11×17 Color: $0.50

All fees will be rounded up to the nearest dollar