Permit Applications and Fees

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****From February 5, 2024 to April 8th, 2024  We we will be under construction at our 8299 Market Street location and will be temporarily working out of the Boardman Township Fire Department  at 7440 Market Street, Boardman, OH  44512.   If you need to contact our office please call 330-259-2274. ****

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Category Fees Links
Fence (Article 7.05 – p.89) $25.00 Fence Permit
Shed (outbuilding less than 200 SF), Carport, Pavilion, or Gazebo $0.25 sq. ft. Outbuilding Permit
Detached Garage (outbuilding larger than 200 SF) $0.36 sq. ft.
Deck Permit $0.15 sq. ft. Porch and Deck Permit
Open Porch (Open or Screened) $0.25 sq. ft.
Wheelchair Ramp $25.00
Swimming Pools (Above-Ground/Hot Tubs) $25.00 Pool Permit
Swimming Pools (In-Ground) $50.00
Residential Construction (New House/Addition/Attached Garage/Enclosed Porch) Frame: $0.48 sq. ft.
Frame & Brick: $0.51 sq. ft.
Brick: $0.54 sq. ft.
  addition Permit Residential Structures
Zoning Compliance (Needed for all new businesses) $25.00 Zoning Compliance Permit
Home Occupation $25.00 Home Occupation Permit
Business $0.54 sq. ft. New Construction Application
Commercial $0.60 sq. ft.
Industrial/Warehouse $0.42 sq. ft.
Lot Clearing $25.00 Lot Clearing Permit
Small Livestock $25.00 Small Livestock Permit
(Article 12 – p.133)
(Permanent Signs – Nonresidential 12.11 – p.143)
(Temporary Signs 12.12 – p.149)
Minimum Fee: $25.00
Per sign face: $1.00 sq. ft.
Digital message boards: $2.00 sq. ft.
Sign Permit
Parking Lot New/Renovation $100.00 Parking lot
Residential Site Plan Site Plan Template
Penalty fee for any structure or business caught without a permit $25.00
Zone Change Request $400.00 Zone Change
Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Addition Permit $0.60 sq.ft. / $0.42 sq.ft. / as per residential fees above addition Permit for commercial, Indust., Multi-family
Board of Zoning Appeals $200.00 (Residential)
$400.00 (Commercial)
BZA – Area Variance

BZA – Conditional Use

BZA – Use Variance

BZA – Administrative Appeal

Nuisance Administrative Charge $100.00
Transient Vendor Application (Food Trucks) $150.00 (3 months) Transient Vendor Permit
Zoning Verification Letter $75.00
Rental Registration Fees Unit: $40.00
Building in excess of 6 units: $150 + $15 per unit
Rental Registration Form
Zoning Map $10.00 Zoning Map
Zoning Ordinance Book $25.00 Zoning Resolution
Record Request Form Public Record Request
Cost for Copies 8.5×11 B&W: $0.05
8.5×11 Color: $0.25
11×17 B&W: $0.25
11×17 Color: $0.50

All fees will be rounded up to the nearest dollar