Property Maintenance



One of the primary goals of the Planning and Zoning Department is to maintain and enhance the quality of Boardman’s neighborhoods. Boardman Township has Limited Home Rule Authority, giving the Township the jurisdiction to regulate public nuisances, such as peeling paint, high grass or debris around a property.

The Planning and Zoning Department works diligently to address these issues throughout the Township as quickly as possible. While the Department is currently making changes to be more proactive and increase our capacity, our work is largely complaint- driven. We rely on Township residents to help be our eyes and ears in the community. It is important to notify the Department as soon as possible of any violations to start the compliance process.

Once a complaint has been submitted, a field inspector goes to the property. It is then determined if there is a violation, and the findings are documented. If a violation is found, a letter is sent to the property owner. This will notify them that the violation must be remedied in a certain time frame. Based on the type of violation, 14 days is given to bring the property into compliance.

After the allotted time is up a field inspector re-checks the property to assess whether the violation has been remedied. If so, the case is closed. If not, it is documented and another notification letter is issued. If progress has not been made after several violation notifications, a Citation may be issued by a certified peace officer. Unfortunately, this is not always a quick process, but no case is ever closed until the property has come into compliance. This process can take several weeks and possibly months, so we ask for the public’s patience as we work through these processes.

High grass is another major issue throughout the summer, particularly with vacant properties. High grass complaints are processed slightly differently than other nuisances. Anyone can submit a high grass complaint the same way at stated previously. Once the complaint has been received, the property owner is notified of the violation and they have seven days to cut the grass. After seven days, a field inspector checks the property to determine if the grass is ten inches or greater. If it is in violation, the Township cuts the grass at the owner’s expense. From the time the complaint is received, it is typically two to three weeks until the grass is cut.

Thank you for your assistance in keeping Boardman a nice place to call home.