Zoning Resolution



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As part of Boardman Township’s comprehensive Zoning Code update, Compass Point Planning is hosting a website with information about the process in which residents can provide comments and feedback, as well as ask specific questions. You can link to this website here: https://www.buildingabetterboardman.com/


Zoning Resolution of Boardman Township, Mahoning County, Ohio
Approved at a General Election November 2, 1948
Last Approved Revision – May 29, 2012

Article I – Purpose

Article II – Districts Created

Article III – Definitions

Article IV – Agricultural District

Article V – Residence R-1 Districts

Article VI – Residence R-1A

Article VII – Residence R-2 Districts

Article VIII – Residence R-3 Districts

Article IX – Business-Professional Districts

Article X – Commercial Districts

Article XI – Industrial Districts

Article XII – Exceptions and Special Provisions

Article XIII – Oil and Gas Well Drilling

Article XIV – Property Maintenance

Article XV – Site Plan Review

Article XVI – Administration

Article XVII – Riparian Setbacks

Article XVIII – Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC)

Article XVIV – Land Use Tables