Permit Fees

Many different activities that take place within Boardman Township are regulated and require a permit. A fire permit confers official permission to:

  • maintain, store, use or handle potentially dangerous materials
  • to conduct processes that produce conditions hazardous to life or property
  • to install equipment used in connection with such activities.

Before permits are granted, our fire prevention bureau must conduct an inspection to determine that all safety measures are in place. More complex permits may require a submittal of plans.

Contact the Boardman Township Fire Prevention Bureau at 330-729-9535 or email to inquire about any type of permits, and/or to learn if there are any fees involved to obtain the permit.

The Boardman Fire Department will also conduct assessments on sites upon written request prior to issuing permits. Follow the instructions below to set up a site assessment through our department.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Please submit your request to our office via postal delivery or email with the following information:

  • The address of your inquiry
  • Your company information
  • Type of study you are conducting
  • What type of information you need (i.e. UST, AST, spills, etc.)