Suppression Apparatus and Equipment

Engine 71

Engine 71, a 2007 Sutphen Pumper, is currently assigned to Station 71 as its front-line engine. This means that for any call Station 71 receives, fire or EMS, this is the first truck to respond. Engine 71 is a Class A diesel-powered engine that carries 500 gallons of water. Engine 71 carries all the equipment needed for fire suppression, vehicle extrication and medical emergencies.

Engine 73

Engine 73 is a 1997 Sutphen Pumper currently assigned to Station 73. Engine 73 is the front-line pumper out of this station that responds to all calls in its district and other districts as needed. This vehicle carries 500 gallons of water and all equipment needed for fire suppression, vehicle extrication and medical emergencies.

Engine 74

Engine 74 is a 2004 Sutphen Quint currently assigned to Station 74. Engine 74 is the front-line pumper that responds out of this station to all calls within its district and others as needed. This engine has four major components: an aerial ladder (61 ft.), a pump, a water tank (500 gallons) and ground ladders. This engine offers the Boardman Fire Department the option of having an aerial ladder available immediately for rescue or ventilation. This vehicle also has all the necessary equipment for vehicle extrication and medical emergencies.

Tower 71

Tower 71 is a 1991 Sutphen 95-foot aerial platform that responds out of station 71. An aerial platform is a bucket on the end of the ladder that can be used to carry people from high distances down to the ground without climbing and descending from a ladder. Tower 71 is the second vehicle out of Station 71 on all fire calls. This unit will also cover the district if Engine 71 is already out of service. Tower 71 carries rescue equipment for auto accidents, rope rescues and medical emergencies.

Command 71

Command 71 is a 2001 Ford Excursion used by the Assistant Chief on shift as a command vehicle for major incidents throughout the township. This vehicle accommodates the Department’s many on-scene resources and facilitates the command officer’s ability to command and control a wide variety of incidents. This vehicle carries a full complement of First Response equipment, including a defibrillator, oxygen, and First Aid kit, Haz-Mat monitoring equipment, pre-plans of all township buildings, an accountability system, and all tools and equipment necessary to respond to a major incident.

Chief 70

Chief 70 is a 2012 Ford Expedition used by the chief of the department. This vehicle carries command and First Aid equipment. (need picture)

Fire prevention 77

Vehicle 792 is a 2012 Interceptor used by the Fire Inspection Bureau.  (need picture)

Fire prevention 78

Vehicle 794 is a gasoline-powered 2003 Ford Expedition assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau as an inspection vehicle.

Fire Investigation 797

Vehicle 797 is a gasoline-powered 2006 GMC Savana van assigned to the Fire Investigation Unit. It is equipped with tools and equipment necessary to investigate fires.

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