The Boardman Fire Department, in order to provide efficient fire protection for you and your neighbors, rely on an easily found and accessible fire hydrant for water supply.

Finding and accessing these hydrants in the event of an emergency is critical and can mean the difference between a little or a lot of property loss. If they are hidden by vegetation, snow, decorations or vehicles they can be difficult to find, thus posing a major problem for a firefighting crew.

This problem also holds true for businesses that have sprinkler systems. These systems are meant to be supplemented by your fire department, meaning that fire department connections on the building and all valves need to be accessible.  
The 2011 Ohio Fire Code states:

(d) 507.5.4 Obstruction.  Unobstructed access to fire hydrants shall be mainatined at all times.  The fire department shall not be deterred or hindered from gaining immediate access to fire protection equipment or fir hydrants.

(e) 507.5.5 Clear space around hydrants. A 3-foot clear space shall be maintained around the circumference of fire hydrants except as otherwise required or approved.

Privately owned hydrants (red) are required to have an annual inspection per NFPA25.

We need your cooperation in keeping grass, shrubs, landscaping, and other obstacles away from the hydrant so firefighters can easily locate and access the hydrand under emergency conditions. 

If you are not able to clear obstructions, or if it appears your hydrant is damaged or otherwise needs attention, please call the Boardman Fire Prevention Bureau at 330.729.9535.

Adopt a Fire Hydrant

When snow storms hit and large snow banks are left from road, parking lot and driveway clearing, the Boardman Fire Department asks you to consider adopting a fire hydrant by taking a moment to clear snow from around your “adopted” fire hydrant.

As roads are cleared, the piling of snow along the road can cover or obstruct the visibility of fire hydrants. Snow blowers and plows can also bury or damage hydrants. Keeping fire hydrants clear and visible is helpful to our firefighters when trying to locate hydrants in the event of an emergency. The few minutes saved can be the difference in saving a life and property.

If you have a medical condition or are elderly, ask a neighbor to help keep it clear of snow for you. This will benefit you as well as your neighborhood. Your cooperation and consideration is sincerely appreciated!