Knox Box Information

The Boardman Fire Department requires all businesses equipped with an elevator, fire alarm or automatic fire sprinkler system to install a key access system on their business.  The designated key access system used in Boardman Township is made by the Knox Company and is commonly referred to as a Knox Box. A Knox Box can only be opened by the Boardman Fire Department.  Your Knox Box contains a key to your business and allows the fire department to gain entry to your building in the event of an emergency without the need for forcible entry tools.

Knox Boxes are also available for RESIDENTIAL USE so the fire department can respond to a medical emergency and gain entry quickly without the need for damaging property.

Ordering a Knox Box for your home or business is done online by using this link:  When prompted to select a fire department by zip code, enter 44512 and select the Boardman Fire Department.

For questions, concerns or more information on how to get a Knox box for your home or business, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 330-729-9535.