Apartment Owners/Apartment Tenants

There are special concerns when it comes to fire safety in apartment buildings.  Families in apartment buildings live close together and frequently involve each other when it comes to a fire.  While the chances of a fire starting in an apartment are about the same as ina private home, apartment fires have the potential to spread fire, heat, and smoke throughout the building affecting the safety of all occupants.

A key to being safe in apartment buildings is to know how to react when you smell smoke, see fire and/or hear the fire alarm go off. All occupants need to know the proper safety procedures and prevention measures while dealing with apartment fire safety. There are very simple steps you can take to prevent yourself from getting injured — or even worse, dying — from the injuries you receive.

Apartment Buildings = High Risk

Escaping Safely

Extinguishing a Small Fire

Fire Alarm

Owners/ employees

Report fire hazards and correct them.