Fire Prevention Bureau

The Boardman Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Bureau is composed of two Fire Prevention Officers, both Fire Prevention Officers are certified by the State of Ohio as Fire Safety Inspectors.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the following activities:

  • Enforcement of the Ohio Fire Code
  • Conducting fire safety inspections in all schools, nursing facilities, group homes, restaurants and commercial properties
  • Conducting fire safety inspections in apartment buildings
  • Reviewing site and building plans for new commercial construction and renovations
  • Witnessing acceptance tests and inspections for new and current fire protection equipment
  • Conducting public fire safety education classes for adults and in the elementary schools
  • Providing fire safety and prevention information to the public through Public Service Announcements
  • Conducting home fire safety inspections (upon the invitation of the homeowner)

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts proactive fire safety inspections on a random basis to locate and identify hazards before they become a problem.

For additional information on any program listed above please contact our office at 330-729-9535 or email us at

To report a fire hazard follow this link