Krista Beniston, Director of Zoning and Development

The Zoning Department serves the community through:

The Zoning Department works with the Zoning Commission, Site Plan Review Committee, and Board of Zoning Appeals, which are all composed of private citizens appointed to serve our community.

Click here to view or download a detailed Planning & Zoning FAQ sheet.

Apply for permits or report a nuisance here.

Zoning Code Update

An update to the Boardman Township Zoning Code is in process. A full comprehensive update to the Zoning Code has not taken place since 1948, when it was first enacted. We invite Boardman residents to learn about some of the recommended changes and share their input.

At an August 6 meeting, consultants shared recommendations for major changes to the Zoning Resolution. They also gathered public input and feedback in preparation for drafting the new Zoning Resolution.

The latest information on this effort can be found at

Zoning Staff
Krista Beniston, Director of Zoning and Development (
Tricia D’Avignon, Assistant Director of Zoning and Development (
Beth Duzzny, Property Maintenance Program Coordinator (
Julie Pitzer, Secretary (
Shaun Heffner, Property Enforcement Officer (
Lukas Darling, Planning & Zoning Intern (

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Phone: (330) 726-4181
Fax: (330) 729-2041

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