Site Plan Review Board

The Site Plan Review Committee consists of five members appointed by the Board of Trustees.  There is one three-year term, two two-year terms, and two one-year terms. The Site Plan Review Committee forwards recommendations to the Board of Appeals regarding reductions and required green space and plant material as stipulated under ARTICLE XV, Site Plan Review Ordinance.

Reference the Board of Appeals for submission requirements for variance.

MEMBER                                        TERM

Michael Fagan                           November 26, 2012 until November 10, 2017

Dan DeSalvo                              November 10, 2015 until November 15, 2018

Edwin Beach                              November 10, 2015 until November 15, 2016

Margaret Wellington                November 10, 2015 until November 15, 2017

Mark Delisio                               November 10, 2015 until November 15, 2016


2016 Meeting Schedule

Month Project Submission Deadline Meeting Date
April 31-March 14-Apr
May 28-Apr 12-May
June 26-May 9-June
July 30-Jun 14-July
August 28-July 11-Aug
September 25-Aug 8-Sept
October 29-Sept 13-Oct
November 24-Oct 10-Nov
December 21-Nov 8-Dec

All Meetings are held at 2:00 PM at the Boardman Government Center, 8299 Market Street.