Autumn Leaf Collection


Leaves are to be placed in recyclable brown paper bags and brought to the curb for pick-up by the Road Department. The paper bags are available for purchase at local retail stores.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rt 224
(West Blvd to Pinewood)
Alamosa Alissa Place Afton Amberwood Court
5817 & 5829 Market St Amherst Anderson Alverne Amberwood Trail
Alburn Angiline Arden Blvd Annawan Applecrest Court
Allen Aquadale Augusta Drive Argyle Applecrest Drive
Anthos Court Ardendale Banbury Basil Appleridge Circle
Aravesta Aylesboro Barbie Beechwood (east of tracks) Appleridge Drive
Arlene Bluebird Baymar Border Applewood Boulevard
Beechwood (west of tracks) Bonnell Becky Court Brandon Aspen Lane
Brookfield (West Blvd to Park) Brainard Black Friar Canavan Auburn Hills Drive
Brookwood Brookfield
(Market to West Blvd)
Bob White Court Canterbury Beech
Buena Vista Cadillac Blvd Bob-O-Link Cathy Way Bev
Chester Caribou Bonnie Court Cheriwood Court Bishop Woods Court
Clifton (west of tracks) Carter Circle Cascade Clifton (east of tracks) Bluebell Trail
Court Way Cathy Ann Cherrywood Cook Blueberry
Crestline Centervale Colleen Country Club Boardman Blvd
(West Blvd to Park)
Claybourne Cove Cranberry Creek Brandt
Danbury Colwyn Court Deer Run Erie Brazelton
Devonshire Cranberry Run Doncaster Erskine (east of tracks) Bridgewood
Erskine (west of tracks) Creston Donmar Euclid Blvd Buchanan
Ewing (West Blvd to Park) Crestview
(Northlawn to West Blvd)
Dover Evans California
Fairlawn Crystal Drive Eagle Trace Grover Cedar Way
Ferncliff Deerpath East Huntington Drive Halbert Charles Avenue
Firnley Dominica East Parkside Holbrooke Cherry Blossom Trail
Forest Hill Eastern East Parkside Court Homestead (east of tracks) Cherry Hill Place
Forest Park Drive Ewing
(Market to West Blvd)
Fawn Indianola Rd
(Southern to South Ave)
Chestnut Lane
Forest Park Place Forest Garden Flagler Irma Cover
Friendship Forest Lake Drive Flora Island Drive Crimson Trail
Gertrude Garden Gate Court Fox Hollow Jeannelynn Daffodil
Glen Park Garden Valley Fox Run Jochman Court DeBartolo Drive
Glenbrook Garden Valley Court Fredricksburg Johnston Place Degaulle
(Midlothian to Shields)
Gardenview Gillian Lealand Delaware
Golfview Gardenwood Drive Glenmere Lemont Doral
Harrington Gardenwood Place Greyledge Lemoyne East California
Hillman Street Garver Harrow Lane Lightner East Southwoods
Hillman Way Gilbert Harrow Place Linger Edenridge
Homestead (west of tracks) Glendale Heather Creek Run Lynn Edgewood Oval
Hudson Glenwood
(Western Reserve to Shields)
Hopkins Rd Lynn Mar Eisenhower
Indianola (Market to Southern) Glenwoods Court Hunters Cove Madonda Elm
Jennette Greenbay Hunters Court Maple Dr (east of tracks) Fairfield
Kiwana Green Garden Hunters Glen Mathews Rd Forestridge
Lemans Griswold Hunters Ridge Mayport Foxridge
Leighton Hitchcock Rd Huntington Circle Meadow Lane Foxwood Court
Lundy Lane Ingram Huntington Court Meadowbrook (east of tracks) Franko Court
Maple Drive (west of tracks) Jackson Place Huntington Drive Meadowbrook (industrial) Glenridge
Marinthanna Jan Marie Drive Jaguar Court Melrose (east of tracks) Greenfield
Meadowbrook (west of tracks) Jaronte Jaguar Drive Montrose Havenwood
Melrose (west of tracks) Locust Kiowa Montrose Circle Helo Place
(Market to Glenwood)
Longview Lake Shore Drive Moyer Hickory Hill Court
Mill Creek Blvd Lost Creek Laverne Mulberry Lane Holm Way
Mill Creek Drive Lost Tree Leiskin Nellbert Indian Creek Drive
Newport Maramont Little Johns New England Indian Trail
Newport Square Margaret Loch Heath Nova Ivy Hill
Newton Marlindale Lockwood Blvd Oles Jasper Court
Oak Knoll Marlyn Place Loma Vista Orlo Lane Karago
Overhill Mayflower Drive Loretta Palo-Verde Kentwood
Pinewood Melbourne Lucerne Peachtree Court Larkridge
Plymouth Midgewood Macachee Drive Robinwood Drive Lo
Prestwick North Cadillac Mary Ann Court Rush Blvd Lynnridge
Reta Northlawn Meadowlark Rush Circle Maple Avenue
Romaine Oakley Mere Court Sequoya Mapleridge
Ron Joy Old Oxford Midlothian (west) Shadyside (east of tracks) Marwood Circle
Ron Lee Old Shay Milltrace Sheridan Rd Massachusetts
Ron Park Oregon Circle Old Harbour Simon Rd Mayfield
Sciota Oregon Trail Oyster Bay South Ave
(Midlothian to Mathews)
Shadyside (west of tracks) Parkland Palmetto Southern Blvd (east of tracks) McClug
Sheldon Paxton Park Harbour Sunset McKay
Southern Blvd
(Rt 224 to city line)
Pembrooke Pheasant Court Tam-O-Shanter Meadowwood Circle
Stanton Pinetree Pheasant Drive Tara Court Midwood Circle
Stratford Ranier Pierce Tara Drive Nevada
Stuart Redwood Pioneer Terrace (east of tracks) Oak
Terrace (west of tracks) Ridgewood Powell Thalia Oakridge
Warren Court Roche Way Quail Court Tudor Lane Palestine
West Blvd
(Rt 224 to Glenwood)
Rockdale Red Fox Court Velma Court Parkway
West Glen Rockland Red Fox Drive Waseka Paulin
Wilda Runnemeade Red Grouse West Street Pearson
(West Blvd to Park)
Salinas Trail Redtail Hawk Wingate Pennsylvania
Willow Sante Fe Risher Wolosyn Circle Pinehill
Windsor Shields
(Market to West Blvd)
Riverside Woodlawn Presidential
Woodrow Shorehaven Robinhood Drive Woodward Presidential Court
Woodview Sierra Madre Robinhood Way Yarmouth Raub
South Cadillac Rosewood Reserve Court
South Shore Royal Palm Reserve Drive
Southwoods Sable Court Ridgefield
Spartan Sabrina Rosehedge
Spring Garden Court Schenley Saddlebrook
Spring Garden Drive Shadeland Sahara Trail
Stillson Shadow Creek Scotland
Sugarcane Sharon Sigle Lane
Sugartree Shelbourne Silver Meadow Lane
Titus Shelby South Ave
(Mathews to Wstrn Reserve)
Trenholm Shields Rd
(West Blvd to Tippecanoe)
South Commons
Vineland Silver Fox Southern Blvd
(Wstrn Reserve to Mathews)
Waggaman Squirrel Hill Court Southfield
Western Reserve
(Market to Tippecanoe)
Squirrel Hill Drive Southwestern Run
Westview St Albans Stadler Avenue
White House Straley Stadler Court
(Market to West Blvd)
Stratmore Stafford
Withers Suzylinn Sugar Creek
Wolcott Sylvia Tamarisk
Timothy Tanglewood
Tippecanoe Rd Teakwood
Tippwood Court Terraview
Tori Pines Tiffany
Tracy Tiffany South
Traymore Tod
Traymore Court Trailwood
Trotter Trotwood
Truesdale Twin Oaks
Turnberry Walker Mill Rd
Valley View Walnut
West Blvd Extension Washington Blvd
West Parkside Wendy
Westport Western Reserve
(Southern to Market)
Westport Circle Westfield Drive
Whipoorwill Whitman-Chase
Windel Way Windham Court
Winged Foot Winterberry
Yakata Doro Wood St
Zander Woodfield Court
Yellow Creek