Road Authority and Mileage

In an effort to provide the residents of Boardman Township with answers to questions asked most often regarding the roads in the township, we have provided a list of roads, along with their mileage, and — in the case of roads that are not maintained by the Boardman Township Road Department  — contact information for the government agencies responsible for maintaining those roads in the township.

See the map at the bottom of this page for a visual representation.

Boardman Township Road Department
8299 Market Street, Boardman, OH 44512-6289
Marilyn Sferra Kenner P.E.
, Road Superintendent
Phone:  (330) 726-4190
Fax:  (330) 726-4157

  • ALL Other ODOT Terminus
  • Certified in 2016
  • Total Mileage:    144.755 miles


Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), District 4
2088 S. Arlington Rd.
Akron, OH  44306
John Picuri, P.E., District Deputy Director
(330) 786-3100

Route 7 (Market Street) 5.07 miles
Route 224
(Boardman-Poland/Boardman-Canfield Road)
4.91 miles
Arden Blvd  .45 miles
Lockwood Blvd 2.57 miles
Midlothian Blvd 1.51 miles
Interstate 680 5.20 miles
Total Mileage ODOT 19.71 miles


Mahoning County Engineers Office
940 Bears Den Road,
Youngstown, OH  44511-1299
Patrick T. Ginnetti, P.E., P.S.

(330) 799-1581

E Parkside Dr 1.18 miles
Glenwood Ave 5.14 miles
Hitchcock Rd 2.53 miles
Hopkins Rd 1.31 miles
Indianola Rd 1.46 miles
Lake Park Rd .78 miles
Lockwood Blvd .53 miles
Mathews Rd 2.21 miles
McClurg Rd 1.52 miles
Millcreek Dr .16 miles
Newport Square .10 miles
Schenley Ave .46 miles
Sheban Dr .28 miles
Shields Rd 2.55 miles
Simon Rd .50 miles
South Ave 5.23 miles
Southern Blvd 5.57 miles
Tippecanoe Rd 5.47 miles
Truesdale Rd .54 miles
Walker Mill Rd 1.17 miles
West Blvd 1.84 miles
Western Reserve Rd 4.97 miles
Total County Miles 45.50 miles

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