Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be called when a street light is out?

If a street light is out in your area, please call Ohio Edison at 1-800-633-4766 with the pole number and location of the pole.

Who is responsible for trees in the devil’s strip?

The devil’s strip is the homeowner’s property; therefore, trees are the homeowner’s responsibility. If the tree falls into the road, the Road Department will cut up and haul away the portion that falls into the road.

Who is responsible for the railroad tracks?

The Columbiana County Port Authority is responsbilie for the tracks. Please call Tracey Drake at 330-386-9050 or Bud Gain at 330-407-4455 with any questions or concerns.

Who is responsible for traffic lights?

The Mahoning County Engineers or Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for the traffic lights throughout the Township.  For a listing of County and State Roads, please see the Road Authority and Mileage page of our website.

Who should be called if water is coming up through the basement drain?

If water is coming up through the main drain in your basement, call the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department at 330-793-5514.