Proposed Meijer’s Development at Lockwood and Rte. 224: FAQs

As you’ve seen in news reports, Meijer has proposed to build a new facility in an area bounded by Lockwood Blvd. and Rte. 224 in Boardman.

The total size of the site in question is roughly 39 acres. Meijer has requested the rezoning of 4 acres in this area to Commercial status, bringing the total area to be developed to 17 acres. At the same time, under this proposal an additional 6 acres would be added to the existing area that is designated as a conservation easement, bringing the total area of the easement to 22 acres. These 22 acres could never be used for commercial or residential development, but would remain a wetlands for wildlife that is present in this area.

The developer states that the Meijer store would provide between 250 and 275 full-time and part-time jobs, and that the company would invest between $20,000,000 and $25,000,000 in site development and store construction capital.

The improved property tax value of the land would be $150,000–$200,000.

At a public meeting held June 11th, Boardman Township Trustees granted the request of Carnegie Development representing Meijer a 30-day continuance. Within 30 days of the granting of this request, a public meeting will be held for the re-zoning of 4 acres from residential to commercial. At this meeting, the trustees will take action either for or against this zone change.

The following FAQ section is designed to clarify the project and its progress to-date.

Q. What is being proposed?
A. The rezoning of approximately 4 acres of land as shown on this map.

Q. What is a conservation easement?
A. A conservation easement preserves land so that it is unable to be developed and is set aside for nature and wildlife. Under Meijer’s proposal, the existing conservation easement would be expanded from 17.2 acres (see current map) to 22 acres (see proposed map).

Q. Can this land be developed if the proposed Meijer project does not move forward?
A. Yes. The property that can be developed without a zoning change is indicated by the yellow (residential) and red (commercial) areas on this map — a total of approximately 22 acres. No laws exist that can stop land from being developed that follows the regulations established for its current use.

Q. If the Meijer’s project moves forward, how much land would be available for development on this property?
A. Only the area shown in red on this map — a total of 17 acres. The 22-acre area shown in green would be a conservation easement and would never be available for development.

Q. What impact would new development have on traffic in the area?
A. Any development to this site requires the review and approval of the Ohio Department of Transpiration (ODOT). ODOT does not allow changes to a traffic pattern without their approval. They ensure that the developer makes the necessary upgrades to the roads and signals in the area.

Q. Would the developer put in stormwater control measures?
A. Yes. The developer would be required to follow the Mahoning County Drainage criteria.

Q. Was this project approved by the Mahoning County Planning Commission?
A. Yes, they approved the zoning change.

Q. Was the zoning change approved by the Boardman Township Zoning Commission?
A. No, it was turned down 4-1.

Q. Can the Boardman Township Trustees approve the zoning change?
A. Yes, with a majority vote.

Q. Is the Township giving Meijer a Tax Abatement?
A. No. The Township does not offer tax abatements.

Q. Would the Township have to pay for any road improvements if this gets developed?
A. No. The Township will not be responsible for paying for road improvements.