Special Operations Division

Commanded by Captain Albert Kakascik
OFFICE:  330-729-2045

The Special Operation Division primarily conducts preliminary and follow-up investigations on criminal offenses, which in most cases have been forwarded by the Patrol Division. Our Detectives have specialized training in the gathering of physical evidence, interviews and other techniques that lead to the identification, apprehension, prosecution and conviction of criminal offenders.

Our Detectives are trained in all aspects of investigations and investigate all major crimes — ranging from homicides, felonious assaults and aggravated robberies to sexual assaults and all other felonies.

In most instances, a Patrol Officer will be the first to respond to a call, take the initial report, and make the determination if a Detective should immediately be called to the scene. The Bureau Supervisor reviews the event and assigns a Detective to the case if a further follow-up is needed.

The Special Operation Division primarily works days, but a Detective is always available.

If you have information about a crime, please contact Captain Kakascik by phone or e-mail.

Lt. Rick Balog 330-729-2079 Det. Chad Doran 330-726-4150 x61902
Sgt. Glen Riddle 330-729-2087 Det. Michelle Glaros 330-729-2032
Sgt. Charles Hillman 330-729-2076
Sgt. Mike Hughes 330-729-2049 Det. Doug Flara 330-729-2052
Det. Greg Stepuk 330-729-2085 Det. Jerry Kamensky 330-726-4150 x61848
Det. Tim Hughes 330-729-2092 Det. John Gocala 330-726-4150 x61849
Det. Richard Romeo 330-729-2050 Sgt. Mike Sweeney 330-726-4150X61931
Det. Rick Kridler/Evidence 330-729-2042