Patrol Division

 Commanded by Captain Ed McDonnell
OFFICE: 330-729-2088

The Patrol Division is organized into three shifts. Each shift is commanded by a Lieutenant, and each shift has at least one Sergeant assigned to assist in the supervision of the Patrol Officers. The three shifts are defined as Days, Afternoons and Nights.

The Patrol Division’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • respond to calls for service
  • conduct preliminary investigations into crimes that are reported
  • maintain order
  • enforce the criminal and traffic code
  • identify community problems
  • deter criminal activity
  • help in creating a safe and comfortable community in which people can live, work, play and grow

We are here to serve!

Capt. Ed McDonnell 330-729-2088 Ptl. Jeff Lytle 330-726-4150 x61921
Lt. Brian Habeger 330-729-2090 Ptl. Pat Klingensmith 330-726-4150 x61922
Lt. Stephen Riwniak 330-729-2077 Lt. John Allsopp 330-729-2096
Sgt. Paul Grimes 330-729-2091 Ptl. Steve Dubos 330-729-2018
Sgt. Dave Sheely 330-726-4150X61941 Ptl. Jamison Diglaw 330-726-4150 x61927
Ptl. Tony Ciccotelli 330-729-2084 Ptl. Joseph O’Grady 330-729-1321
Ptl. Mike Dado 330-729-2093 Ptl. Erin Higgins 330-726-4150×61912
Ptl. Rob Spatar 330-729-2095 Ptl. Matt Sell 330-726-4150 x61929
Ptl. Angelo Pasquale 330-726-4150 X61955
Ptl. Phil Merlo-SRO 330-726-4150X61932 Ptl. Daryn Tallman/K-9 Kylo 330-726-4150X61920
Ptl. Paul Poulos-SRO 330-726-4150X61933 Ptl. Frank Innocenzi 330-726-4150
Sgt. Glenn Patton 330-729-2031 Ptl. Kevin Stratton 330-726-4150X61947
 Sgt. Jonathan Martin 330-726-4150 x61924
Ptl. Makenzie Butcherine 330-726-4150X61979 Ptl. Mike Calautti-SRO 330-726-4150 X61936
Ptl. Nicholas Brent 330-726-4150X61756 Ptl. Joe Olinger 330-726-4150X61938
Ptl. Earl Neff 330-726-4150X61757 Ptl. Kaneesha Tensley 330-726-4144
Ptl. Ray Hillard 330-726-4150X61798 Ptl. Evan Beil 330-726-4150 X61907
Ptl. Mike Manis 330-726-4150X61896
Ptl. Jarrod Sutton 330-726-4150X61892 Ptl. Brian Moss 300-726-4150X61895
Ptl. Shannon Chaffee 330-726-4150X61970 Ptl. Joseph Lamping 330-726-4150 X61949
Ptl. Thomas Zorzi 330-726-4150 X61759 Ptl. Troy Mackall 330-726-4150X61888
Ptl. Ryan Jones 330-726-4150 X61797 Ptl. Breanna Jones 330-726-4150 X61956