Boardman Police Community Portal

The Boardman Police Department’s Community Dashboard provides a way for us to allow better access for citizens to review and understand information related to criminal activity or quality of life issues facing our community. The Dashboard is a great tool which provides the user the ability to view various types of incidents that have occurred in Boardman Township over a specific period of time. These incidents are broken into two categories: Incidents and Natures. This allows us to display the different types of calls for service we receive since not all occurrences or responses are related to a crime.

The Dashboard is divided into three tabs: Community Goals, Crime Charts, and Crime Mapping, which are outlined below.

Community Goals

Community Goals lists several areas of important information that ultimately drives the day-to-day operations of the Boardman Police Department. Our mission statement which stays consistent, is the overall objective of what your police department does. The department priorities and focus may change over time as needed. Other important information will be added to this tab as well.

Crime Charts

Crime Charts display data for comparison in three different ways.

  • Period Comparison – compares two time-frames in 7-day, 14-day, or 30-day data sets.
  • Offenses or Incidents By Hour – displays how many occurrences during the time of the day.
  • Offenses or Incidents By Day – displays how many occurrences on a particular day.
  • The charts can be sorted by category of Incidents or Natures as outlined below.
    • Incidents will show the following: Arson, Assault, Burglary, Drug Offenses, Fraud, Motor Vehicle Theft, OVIs, Robbery, Theft, Theft From Vehicle, Vandalism (to include graffiti).
    • Natures will show the following: Alcohol/Drug Offense, Animal Call, Assist Other Agency, Disturbance – Party, Fireworks, Medical Assist, Traffic Accidents, Traffic Stop.

Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping allows the user to select specific information related to general locations within the Township. Individual offenses or types of incidents, combinations, or everything can be mapped by time period of the occurrence. Types of Incidents or Natures can be selected.

Clicking on the icon displayed on the map will show additional information (BPD report number and date). The addresses displayed have been anonymized by only displaying the hundred block on the street, so they do not indicate the exact address/position of the event, but are listed in the area of the occurrence.


  • If an incident is not displayed, we did not investigate that type of crime within the displayed timeframe. Crimes involving sexual assaults and homicides will not be displayed to protect the identity of the victim and the integrity of the investigation.
  • Although calls for service may result in multiple offenses per incident, only the highest (most significant) reportable offense is shown on the dashboard.  The data shown may not always be finalized due to internal processing time delays. Data is updated every 24 hours at 4:00am. All addresses have been changed to show approximate locations due to the need for privacy in some cases.

Access the Community Portal

To access the Boardman Police Department Community Portal click on the image below.

Click to view community dashboard