ABC District Sanitary Back-Flow Assistance Program

The ABC Water and Stormwater District is excited to announce a Sanitary Back-flow Assistance Program for Boardman Township Residents.  This program is a supplemental program based on the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineers Program.

What is the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer’s Backflow Control Program?

Currently and since 2019, the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineering Department offers up to $3,600 for a backflow device which also requires property owners to remove any clear water source (footer drains and downspouts) from the sanity sewer lines.  This program is for property owners serviced by the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer.

How will the ABC District Program work with the County Program?

Any resident of Boardman Township who has already received funding from the County Program can submit documentation proving funding was obtained by the county, and upon review of the District can receive an additional $1,500.  This would extend to anyone who as previously put in a backflow control devices from 2021 through 2023.  This program will be initially funded with $50,000 and checks will be issued on a first come – first serve basis.

How can I get these additional funds?

Starting in May 2023, Residents can stop into the Boardman Township Government Center at 8299 Market Street, Boardman OH 44512, during regular business hours with a copy of documentation from the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineer’s Office and complete a one page form. Once confirmed the District will contact residents to pick up a check to receive $1,500.