West Parkside Drive Closed After Engineering Study — 7/2014

Township moves to protect public — applies for emergency repair funds

BOARDMAN — Thanks to the alertness of Boardman Township residents and quick work by Township employees, a disaster may have been prevented.

Last week, township officials were alerted that part of West Parkside Drive, which covers a culvert, originally installed in 1964, had dropped almost four inches.

MS Consultants, the township’s engineering consultants, were asked to study the site, and determined that the collapse of the culvert, and subsequently the road, was imminent.

“We had to move fast and close that road,” said Tom Costello, president of the Township’s Board of Trustees. “There was a sinkhole in the southbound lane in the recent past, and it’s too dangerous to leave it open. If we have another serious rain and that culvert collapses, the runoff will negatively affect the homes nearby. And if a car drove into it, it could cause serious injuries or worse.”

Once it was determined an emergency repair was needed, Township officials and the engineering firm contacted the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) to request emergency funding for repair work.

“We’re pushing for a final answer from OPWC,” said Larry Moliterno, Boardman Township Trustee. “This is a quarter-million dollar project, and we need the emergency funds to cover the cost. We hope they move quickly, because we want to get this resolved for the residents as soon as possible.”

“An answer from OPWC is expected within the month,” says Costello. “If we get the go-ahead, bidding and work can begin immediately.”