• Boardman Township Park
  • Since 1947 Boardman Township Park, the “Green Oasis” of the Community has been serving the recreational needs of our Community. The Park is located in the heart of Boardman on U.S. Route 224. The 227-acre Park is well used and appreciated by people of all ages, not only due to its central location and easy accessibility, but because of the diversity of recreational facilities and programs it offers, as well as the natural beauty of its acreage. The mission of the Park is to provide a diversity of recreational and educational opportunities in an environment that lends itself to pleasant family experiences, and to preserve areas of natural habitat. Of the 227 acres, approximately 60 acres are developed with a diversity of recreational facilities. The balance, 167 acres, is preserved for natural habitat, which supports many native species of plants and animals and is an excellent representative of Ohio's glaciated Beech/Maple forests and lowland hardwood forests. It is these two diverse, yet balanced uses that truly make Boardman Park the treasured "Green Oasis" of the community. It is this unique and diverse footprint of facilities and programs that is responsible for making the Park one of the most popular recreational facilities in the Mahoning Valley. The Park offers a variety of indoor meeting rooms with seating from 42 people up to 232. This is a perfect location for family gatherings, graduation parties, baby & bridal showers, wedding receptions, and other special family events. The flexible facilities in a serene and beautiful environment offers Business owners a great off-site location for meetings and events.
  • Davis Family YMCA
  • Non-profit youth development; healthy living; social responsibility
  • TeeUp Golf Centre
  • Golf Driving Range