Business Self Inspections

The Boardman Fire Department has instituted a Business Self-Fire Inspection Program.  Due to the number of businesses in our community and our current inspection staffing we are unable to inspect every business as frequently as we would like.  Our department is concerned that by simply not inspecting some businesses, it could impact fire safety and allows code violations to go unnoticed.  With this in mind the department will begin using self-inspection process to reduce the need for the fire department to conduct some formal inspections in low risk occupancies.

The Boardman Fire Prevention Bureau’s new self-fire inspection program is designed for light hazard commercial occupancies that do not have a high occupant load or have a high level of risk.  Light hazard occupancies are locations where there are a low amount of combustible materials within the occupied space, including furnishings, decorations, and contents.  These occupancies may include:  small business or professional offices, small retail shops, small personal service shops (barber, beauty shops), etc.

The self-inspection program is a fairly simple concept.  A Business Self-Fire Inspection form is sent to your business for you to complete and mail or fax back to the fire department within 14 days.  If we don’t receive the form, your businesses will be placed on the inspection list and a fire inspector will conduct a physical inspection.

The self-inspection program is not mandatory.  All selected businesses will also be given the opportunity to request an on-site inspection if they choose not to participate.

We’ve compiled the most frequently occurring violations into a brochure entitled Most Common Deficiencies Found During Fire Inspections.

To download a copy of this informative brochure, click here.